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Mortuary Science - AAS

The mission of the Associate of Applied Science degree in Mortuary Science at the University of the District of Columbia Community College (UDC CC) is to prepare competent practitioners to meet the funeral service-related needs of the diverse citizenry of the District of Columbia and for society at large. Graduates are able to practice in a variety of settings and attend to funeral service needs of all age groups with respect to the disposition of human remains.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to: 

  1. Demonstrate compassionate, fair, and ethical regard for the bereaved and the members of the community being served. 
  2. Understand and execute all aspects of embalming techniques, including anatomy, sanitation, preservation, and restoration of the body for public view and final disposition.
  3. Recognize and adhere to all OSHA Regulations and Standards governing public health and safety in the funeral industry workplace.
  4. Articulate and demonstrate knowledge that governs professionalism and sound funeral business management practices, which includes FTC Rules and Regulations.
  5. Assemble, formulate, and submit appropriate and complete information for death certificates, obituaries, and other necessary forms and documents using appropriate technologies.
  6. Demonstrate ethical practices in the conduct of every aspect of the funeral service profession.

Graduates are able to practice in a variety of settings and attend to funeral service needs of all age groups with respect to human remains.

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Program Overview

The Community College offers the Associate of Applied Science degree in Mortuary Science. The program’s mission is to provide its students with a comprehensive education in mortuary science and prepare graduates to enter the funeral service profession as competent funeral service practitioners. The program offers basic education courses in the Pre-mortuary phase, followed by in-depth academic and clinical education in the professional and clinical stages.

Employment opportunities exist with funeral homes, hospitals, medical schools, health, and the offices of medical examiners or coroners.

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Academic Preparedness

UDC recognizes the important connection between student success and academic preparedness. Depending on placement test scores and/or equivalent college course work, students may be required to complete co-requisite courses in English and math.  Only credits earned for the college-level portion of the co-requisite course pairing count towards degree completion requirements.
Co-Requisite Courses for English

Course #TitleCreditsGradeSemester
ENGL-015English Fundamentals and3  
ENGL-101CEnglish Composition I3  

Co-Requisite Courses for Math

Course #TitleCreditsGradeSemester
MATH-015CIntroduction to Algebra and3  
MATH-101CGeneral College Math I3  

Sequence of Study

The required courses for the degree program are listed in suggested sequence on the reverse side of this document.  Students are expected to complete prerequisite and co-requisite courses as indicated. 

  1. A Prerequisite is a requirement which must be completed prior to enrollment in a particular class.  This can be a placement test score or a course.  For example, ENGL-111: English Composition I must be taken prior to ENGL-112: English Composition II.
  2. A Co-requisite is a course that must be taken in the same semester.  For example, APCT 104C: Introduction to Applications of Computers Lecture must be taken along with APCT 105C: Introduction to Applications of Computers Lab.

Guide to Subjects

When registering for courses, use the key below to search for courses by subject.



CHEMChemistryMSTCMortuary Science
APCTApplied ComputingENGLEnglishSPCHSpeech
BIOLBiologyFSEMFirst Year Seminar  


Mortuary Science Advisory Board

The UDC-CC Mortuary Science Program Advisory Board functions to support the program in remaining abreast of practices and further developments in the industry. 

Comprised of a wide variety of funeral service professionals,as well as other community members, the Board provides support in the form of information regarding the latest trends in the funeral service industry, recommendations regarding the hiring of faculty, a range of resources, and other support services to the program. Many of the practicum (clinical) experiences for students are provided in the funeral homes that are owned and operated by many of our advisory board members. The practicum sites are inspected to ensure compliance with local regulations and Program requirements. (Exhibit 2._Clinical Site Inspection Form).

The Mortuary Science Advisory Board Members are:   

  1. Mr. Duane L. Calloway,CHAIR Interim Program Director, Mortuary Science
  2. Mr. John Kirksey, vice CHAIR Professor
  3. Ms. Michelle Chandler, SECRETARY Student Alumni Member
  4. Dr. Tony Summers, Acting Provost, UDC-CC (ex-officio)
  5. Dr. Marilyn Hamilton, Acting Dean, Office of Academic Affairs (ex-officio)
  6. Division Chair, Allied Health, Life and Physical Sciences (ex-officio)
  7. Dr. Roger Mitchell, District of Columbia Chief Medical Examiner
  8. Mr. Donnell Harvin, Assistant to the District of Columbia Medical Examiner
  9. Ms. Lynn Armstrong Patterson, Funeral Director, President of D.C. Board of Funeral Directors and Owner – Bianchi Funeral Services
  10. Mr. Zebulon Brooks, Funeral Director
  11. Mr. Shelton Hackett, Funeral Director, Owner, Hackett’s Funeral Home
  12. Mr. Duane Hills, President of Joseph Gawler’s Sons, LLC
  13. Ms. Belva Jenkins, Funeral Director, Co-owner, Johnson & Jenkins & J.B. Jenkins Funeral Homes
  14. Mr. Lawrence Johnson, Jr.,  Funeral Director
  15. Mr. Geary Powell, Business Owner, Arlington Chemical Company
  16. Mr. Phillip Powell, Co-owner, Arlington Chemical Company
  17. Mrs. Michelle Wiseman, Funeral Director, Owner, Wiseman’s Funeral Chapel
  18. Dr. Joanna Ellsberry, Adjunct Professor
  19. Mr. Lenard Kent, Adjunct Professor
  20. Ms. Vernika Roberts, Current Student Member

Advisory Board By-Laws | Meeting Minutes (March 2016)

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UDC Library Holdings

To explore career opportunities and employment trends

Epsilon Nu Delta (Mortuary Fraternity)

National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association, Inc.

National Funeral Directors Association

Virginia Funeral Directors Association

Maryland State Funeral Directors Association

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Duane L. CallowayInterim Program Directorduane.calloway@udc.edu202.274.5858Bldg 44, Suite 200-28
John Kirksey, FDAssociate Professorjohn.kirksey@udc.edu202.274.5829Bldg 44, Suite 200-24
Lenard Kent, FDAdjunct Professorlenard.kent@udc.edu202.274.5829Bldg 44, Suite 200-24
Joanna Ellsberry, FD, JDAdjunct Professorjoanna.ellsberry@udc.edu202.274.5829Bldg 44, Suite 200-24




Apply for Admission

Admission Deadlines

Fall - May 15
Spring - October 15
Summer - April 15

International Applicant Deadlines

Fall - April 15
Spring - September 15
Summer - March 15

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