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Updated Class Schedule - Fall 2010

Fall 2010 Schedule Updates

This schedule reflects any changes that have been made to class assignments for all locations.  (Last Updated: September 20, 2010)

Building 53 is the UDC-CC Center: 801 North Capitol Street NE, just two blocks from Union Station.

Building 54 is Bertie Backus: 5171 S. Dakota Ave. NE, near the Fort Totten Metro station on the Red, Yellow, and Green lines.

SectionCourse TitleCreditsTypeDaysStart TimeEnd TimeBldg/
4401-1010111367 Biological Science I3LECMW8:00 AM9:20 AM53/907ROLLINS
4401-1010211711 Biological Science I3LECT5:30 PM8:30 PM53/912OKOLO
4401-1010311713 Biological Science I3LECS12:50 PM3:50 PM53/907JONES
4401-1010411368 Biological Science I3LECTR5:30 PM7:10 PM53/907CURRIE
4401-1020111716 Biological Science II3LECF9:30 AM12:30 PM53/907CURRIE
4401-1020211369 Biological Science II3LECMW9:30 AM11:00 AM53/907CANCELLED
4401-1030111370 Biological Science I Lab1LABMW9:30 AM11:10 AM53/909ROLLINS
4401-1030211712 Biological Science I Lab1LABR5:30 PM8:30 PM53/908OKOLO
4401-1030311714 Biological Science I Lab1LABS4:00 PM7:00 PM53/911JONES
4401-1030411371 Biological Science I Lab1LABT7:20 PM10:20 PM53/909CURRIE
4401-1040111717 Biological Science II Lab1LABF12:50 PM3:50 PM53/909CURRIE
4401-1040211372 Biological Science II Lab1LABMW11:10 AM12:40 PM53/909CANCELLED
4401-1110111373 Fund Hum Anat & Phys I3LECTR9:20 AM11:00 AM53/907CURRIE
4401-1110211703 Fund Hum Anat & Phys I3LECR9:20 AM12:20 PM53/912YOUSIF
4401-1110311374 Fund Hum Anat & Phys I3LECMW9:30 AM11:00 AM53/912THOMPSON M
4401-1110411375 Fund Hum Anat & Phys I3LECMW5:40 PM7:10 PM53/907REISINGER S
4401-1110511705 Fund Hum Anat & Phys I3LECS12:50 PM3:50 PM53/907STAFF
4401-1110611376 Fund Hum Anat & PhysI3LECMW2:30 PM3:50 PM53/907RAMSUNDAR C
4401-1110711377 Fund Hum Anat & Phys I3LECTR11:10 AM    12:50PM53/907RAMSUNDAR C
4401-1110811378 Fund Hum Anat & Phys I3LECF5:40 PM8:40 PM53/907STAFF
4401-1120111379 Fund Hum Anat & Phys II3LECMW9:30 AM11:00 AM53/907RAMSUNDAR C
4401-1120211718 Fund Hum Anat & Phys II3LECS9:30 AM12:30 PM53/907SHAW J
4401-1120311380 Fund Hum Anat & Phys II3LECMW4:00 PM5:30 PM53/907THOMPSON M
4401-1120411876 Fund Hum Anat & Phys II3LECMW5:40 PM7:10 PM53/610CURRIE
4401-1130111382 Fund of Anat & Phys I Lab1LABTR11:10 AM12:50 PM53/909CURRIE
4401-1130211704 Fund of Anat & Phys I Lab1LABR2:50 PM4:30 PM53/912YOUSIF
4401-1130311383 Fund of Anat & Phys I Lab1LABMW11:10 AM12:40 PM53/912THOMPSON M
4401-1130411384 Fund of Anat & Phys I Lab1LABMW7:20 PM8:50 PM53/909REISINGER S
4401-1130511706 Fund of Anat & Phys I Lab1LABS4:00 PM        7:00PM53/909STAFF
4401-1130611385 Fund of Anat & Phys I Lab1LABMW2:30 PM3:50 PM53/909RAMSUNDAR C
4401-1130711386 Fund of Anat & Phys I Lab1LABTR1:00 PM2:40 PM53/909RAMSUNDAR C
4401-1130811387 Fund of Anat & Phys I Lab1LABS9:30 AM      12:30PM53/909STAFF
4401-1140111388 Fund Anat & Phys II Lab1LABMW11:10 AM12:40 AM53/909RAMSUNDAR C
4401-1140211719 Fund Anat & Phys II Lab1LABS12:50 PM3:50 PM53/909SHAW J
4401-1140311389 Fund Anat & Phys II Lab1LABMW5:40 PM7:10 PM53/909THOMPSON M
4401-1140411877 Fund Anat & Phys II Lab1LABF7:00 PM10:00 PM53/912CURRIE
4401-2440111391 Clinical Microbiology Lab1LABTR1:00 PM2:40 PM53/911SHIFERAW
4401-2440211392 Clinical Microbiology Lab1LABF7:20 PM10:20 PM53/911SHAW J
4401-2440311708 Clinical Microbiology Lab1LABF12:50 PM3:50 PM53/912SHAW J
4401-2440412022 Clinical Microbiology Lab1LABF7:20 PM10:20 PM53/909JACKSON T
4401-2450111393 Clinical Microbiology3LECTR9:20 AM11:00 AM53/608SHIFERAW
4401-2450211394 Clinical Microbiology3LECF4:00 PM        7:00 PM53/223ASHAW J
4401-2450311707 Clinical Microbiology3LECF9:30 AM12:30 PM53/912SHAW J
4401-2450411709 Clinical Microbiology3LECF4:00 PM7:00 PM53/907JACKSON T
4415-1070111835 Integrated Science I3LECMW5:40 PM7:10 PM53/912RAHIMI M
4415-1090111836 Integrated Science Lab1LABMW7:20 PM8:50 PM53/912RAHIMI M
4421-1030111397 Intro to Food Science Lab1LABTR8:20 PM10:00 PM53/912TEFERA
4421-1040111837 Intro to Nutrition Lab1LABFS11:10 AM12:40 PM53/911GOODSON L
4421-1050111399 Intro to Food Science3LECTR6:30 PM8:10 PM53/912TEFERA
4421-1060111838 Intro to Nutrition3LECFS9:30 AM11:00 AM53/911GOODSON L
4507-1050111467 Fund of Chemistry3LECTR7:30 AM9:10 AM53/911BENEBERU
4507-1050211468 Fund of Chemistry3LECMW11:10 AM12:40 PM53.911GHANNOUCHI
4507-1050311469 Fund of Chemistry3LECTR3:40 PM5:20 PM53/911BENEBERU
4507-1050411470 Fund of Chemistry3LECMW5:40 PM7:10 PM53/911BENEBERU
4507-1060111471 Fund of Chemistry Lab1LAB9:30 AM12:20 PM53/911BENEBERU
4507-1060211472 Fund of Chemistry Lab1LAB12:50 PM3:20 PM53/911GHANNOUCHI
4507-1060311473 Fund of Chemistry Lab1LABT5:30 PM8:20 PM53/911BENEBERU
4507-1060411474 Fund of Chemistry Lab1LABW7:20 PM9:50 PM53/911BENEBERU
4539-1010111517 Intro Coll Physics I 3LECT2:50 PM4:30 PM53/912CANCELLED
     R2:50 PM4:30 PM  
4539-1030111518 Intro Coll Physics I1LABR4:40 PM6:20 PM53/912CANCELLED
4319-1040111346 History and Phil of Ece3LECTR4:40 PM6:20 PM53/523FOWLER A
4319-1045012286 History and Phil of Ece3LECS1:30 PM5:00 PM53/414LEWIS M
4319-1050111347 Princ of Chld Development3LECTR6:30 PM8:10 PM53/523ALVARADO C
4319-2060111697 Infant Education3LECTR6:30 PM8:10 PM53/524MYERS P
4319-2070111348 Understanding Self & Rel.3LECMW7:20 PM8:50 PM53/523MYERS P
4319-2080111698 Emergent Literacy3LECTR8:20 PM10:00 PM53/406ALVARADO C
4319-2240111349 Plan Adm Erly Ch Ed Prog3LECMW5:40 PM7:10 PM53/523MYERS P
4319-2300111350 Practicum I3PRAM2:00 PM3:00 PM53/620HAMILTON M
     TWRF9:00 AM11:00 AM53/620 
4319-2309911351 Practicum I3LECTBATBATBA53/620HAMILTON M
4319-2450111352 Child in the Family3LECMW5:40 PM7:10 PM53/524ALVARADO C
4319-3040111353 Play Act & Materials3LECTR6:30 PM8:10 PM53/414FOWLER A
4319-3269911872 Practicum II3PRATBATBATBA     53/204HAMILTON M
Educational Foundations       
4321-220111356 Foundations of Educ3LECTR9:20 AM11:00 AM53/410MYERS O
4321-222211357 Chld & Youth in Urb Schs3LECMW7:20 PM8:50 PM53/415STAFF
4321-4051Clsrm Mgt for Educ M3LECR5:30 PM9:00 PM53/620WHITE S
4337-105111359 Personal & Comm. Health3LECS9:30 AM12:30 PM53/414CASTOR C
4337-204111360 Prevention First Aid EMS3LECS9:00 AM12:10 PMTBACANCELED
Physical Education       
4341-1210111361 Swimming: Beginning Water Safety3LECTR12:30 PM3:30 PMTBACANCELED
4351-204`0111362 Tech for Aids in Rdng/La3LECMW4:00 PM5:30 PM53/406CANCELED
4351-305111363 Children's Lit3LECMW2:30 PM3:50 PM53/406ALVARADO C
Special Education       
4353-2040111364 Intro to Educ of Except Ch3LECF4:00 PM5:30 PM53/414CANCELED
     S9:30 AM11:00 AM53/610 
4353-2040211699 Intro to Educ. of Exc. Chl.3LECTR8:20 PM10:00 PM53/706WINSTON S
4353-2045011366 Intro to Educ of Exc. Chl3LECTR8:20 PM10:00 PM53/706WINSTON S
4133-014111269 Reading Improvement3LLBMW7:50 AM9:20 AM53/415IRVIN
4133-014211775 Reading Improvement 3LLBMW9:30 AM11:00 AM53/415IRVIN
4133-014311776 Reading Improvement 3LLBMW11:10 AM12:40 PM53/415COVINGTON L
4133-014411777 Reading Improvement3LLBMW12:50 PM2:20 PM53/415SHIRO
4133-014511778 Reading Improvement3LLBMW 2:30 PM3:50 PM53/415TAYLOR N
4133-014611779 Reading Improvement3LLBMW4:00 PM5:30 PM53/415ODUMOSU
4133-014711780 Reading Improvement3LLBMW5:40 PM7:10 PM53/415BOXLEY
4133-014811781 Reading Improvement3LLBMW7:20 PM8:50 PM53/416BOXLEY
4133-014911782 Reading Improvement3LLBMW9:00 PM10:30 PM53/415CANCELLED
4133-0141011783 Reading Improvement3LLBTR7:30 AM9:10 AM43/415GIBSON-COOKE
4133-0141111784 Reading Improvement3LLBTR9:20 AM11:00 AM53/415BASIST J
4133-0141211785 Reading Improvement3LLBTR11:10 AM12:50 PM53/415BASIST J
4133-0141311786 Reading Improvement3LLBTR1:00 PM2:40 PM53/415SHIRO
4133-0141411787 Reading Improvement3LLBTR2:50 PM4:30 PM53/415GEORGE
4133-0141511270 Reading Improvement3LLBTR4:40 PM6:20 PM53/415GEORGE
4133-0141611788 Reading Improvement3LLBTR6:30 PM8:10 PM53/415FARRAR-DIXON
4133-0141711789 Reading Improvement3LLBTR8:20 PM10:00 PM53/415ROLLINS L
4133-0141811790 Reading Improvement3LLBFS7:50 AM9:20 AM53/406GIBSON-COOKE
4133-0141911791 Reading Improvement3LLBFS9:30 AM11:00 AM53/608FARRAR-DIXON
4133-0142011792 Reading Improvement3LLBFS11:10 AM12:40 PM53/523FARRAR-DIXON
4133-0142111793 Reading Improvement3LLBFS12:50 PM2:20 PM53/416GEORGE
4133-0142211794 Reading Improvement3LLBFS4:00 PM5:30 PM53/406GEORGE
4133-0142311794 Reading Improvement3LLBMW9:30 AM11:00 AM54/121PAYNE
4133-0142411794 Reading Improvement3LLBMW2:30 PM3:50 PM54/121PAYNE
4133-0142511794 Reading Improvement3LLBFS9:30 AM11:00 AM54/121TAYLOR N
4133-0142611794 Reading Improvement3LLBFS2:30 PM3:50 PM54/121CANCELLED
4133-0142711794 Reading Improvement3LLBS9:00 AM12:00 PM54/121CANCELLED
4133-0142911794 Reading Improvement3LLBMW7:50 AM9:20 AM54/326TAYLOR N
4133-0143011794 Reading Improvement3LLBMW11:10 AM12:40 PM54/326CREWS
4133-015111271 English Fundamentals3LECMW7:50 AM9:20 AM53/704HARRIS
4133-015211272 English Fundamentals3LECMW9:30 AM11:00 AM53/704EAGLESON
4133-015311273 English Fundamentals3LECMW11:10 AM12:40 PM53/704EAGLESON
4133-015411274 English Fundamentals3LECMW12:50 PM2:20 PM53/704MATHURA S
4133-015511275 English Fundamentals3LECMW2:30 PM3:50 PM53/704MATHURA S
4133-015611276 English Fundamentals3LECMW4:00 PM5:30 PM53/704MATHURA S
4133-015711277 English Fundamentals3LECMW5:40 PM7:10 PM53/704JONES C
4133-015811278 English Fundamentals3LECMW7:20 PM8:50 PM53/704JONES C
4133-015911279 English Fundamentals 3LECMW9:00 PM10:30 PM53/704GIBSON-COOKE
4133-0151011280 English Fundamentals 3LECTR7:30 AM9:10 AM53/704COVINGTON
4133-0151111281 English Fundamentals3LECTR9:20 AM11:00 AM53/704EAGLESON
4133-0151211282 English Fundamentals3LECTR11:10 AM12:50 PM53/704SHIRO
4133-0151311283 English Fundamentals3LECTR1:00 PM2:40 PM53/704EAGLESON
4133-0151411284 English Fundamentals3LECTR4:40 PM6:20 PM53/704MCLIN
4133-0151511805 English Fundamentals3LECTR   6:30 PM8:10 PM53/704BOOKHART
4133-0151611806 English Fundamentals3LECTR8:20 PM10:00 PM53/704WILLIAMS D
4133-0151711807 English Fundamentals3LECTR8:20 PM10:00 PM54/120RILEY K
4133-0151811808 English Fundamentals3LECFS7:50 AM9:20 AM53/410LOWRY N
4133-0151911809 English Fundamentals3LECFS9:30 AM11:00 AM53/610CHAWLA
4133-0152011810 English Fundamentals3LECFS11:10 AM12:40 PM53/606CHAWLA
4133-0152111811 English Fundamentals3LECFS4:00 PM5:30 PM53/416BRADSHAW-PELOTE
4133-0152211812 English Fundamentals3LECFS5:40 PM7:10 PM53/704BRADSHAW-PELOTE
4133-0152312175 English Fundamentals3LECMW7:50 AM9:20 AM54/121PAYNE
4133-0152412176 English Fundamentals3LECMW11:10 AM12:40 PM54/121PAYNE
4133-0152512179 English Fundamentals3LECFS7:50 AM9:20 AM54/121MCLIN
4133-0152612180 English Fundamentals3LECFS11:10 AM12:40 PM54/121TAYLOR N
4133-0152712181 English Fundamentals3LECS12:30 PM3:30 PM53/704CANCELLED
4133-0152812182 English Fundamentals3LEC    CANCELLED
4133-111111286 English Composition I3LECMW7:50 AM9:20 AM53/706COVINGTON
4133-111211287 English Composition I3LECMW9:30 AM11:00 AM53/706BASIST J
4133-111311288 English Composition I3LECMW11:10 AM12:40 PM53/706BASIST J
4133-111411289 English Composition I3LECMW12:50 PM2:20 PM53/706JONES C
4133-111511290 English Composition I3LECMW2:30 PM3:50 PM53/706WASHINGTON A
4133-111611291 English Composition I3LECMW4:00 PM5:30 PM53/706BOOKHART
4133-111711292 English Composition I3LECMW5:40 PM7:10 PM53/706STALLWORTH
4133-111811293 English Composition I3LECMW7:20 PM8:50 PM53/706OTTLEY
4133-111911294 English Composition I3LECTR7:30 AM9:10 AM53/706MITCHELL S
4133-1111011295 English Composition I3LECTR9:20 AM11:00 AM53/706COVINGTON
4133-1111111296 English Composition I3LECTR11:10 AM12:50 PM53/706LINKOUS
4133-1111211297 English Composition I3LECTR11:00 AM12:50 PM53/416UFLAND P
4133-1111311813 English Composition I3LECTR4:40 PM6:20 PM53/706UFLAND P
4133-1111411814 English Composition I3LECTR6:30 PM8:10 PM53/706OTTLEY
4133-1111511825 English Composition I3LECFS11:10 AM12:40 PM53/608LINKOUS
4133-1111611826 English Composition I3LEC ONLINE N/APHAIRE D
4133-1111712058 English Composition I3LEC ONLINE N/ASTAFF
4133-1111812096 English Composition I3LECFS4:00 PM5:30 PM54/121TAYLOR N
4133-1111912098 English Composition I3LEC ONLINE N/APERRY
4133-1112012099 English Composition I3LEC ONLINE N/ACANCELLED
4133-1112112232 English Composition I3LECMW9:30 AM11:00 AM53/607FISHMAN
4133-1112212233 English Composition I3LECTR9:20 AM11:00 AM53/606FISHMAN
4133-11150English Composition I3LECS9:00 AM12:30 PM53/707JONES C
4133-112111299 English Composition II3LECMW7:50 AM9:20 AM53/707FISHMAN
4133-112211300 English Composition II3LECMW9:30 AM11:00 AM53/707SELLERS D
4133-112311301 English Composition II3LECMW11:10 AM12:40 PM53/707SELLERS D
4133-112411302 English Composition II3LECMW12:50 PM2:20 PM53/707LINKOUS
4133-112511303 English Composition II3LECMW2:30 PM3:50 PM53/707ODUMOSU
4133-112611304 English Composition II3LECMW7:20 PM8:50 PM53/707STALLWORTH
4133-112711305 English Composition II3LECTR7:30 AM9:10 AM53/707IRVIN
4133-112811306 English Composition II3LECTR9:20 AM11:00 AM53/707IRVIN
4133-112911307 English Composition II3LECTR11:10 AM12:50 PM53/707ODUMOSU
4133-1121011308 English Composition II3LECTR1:00 PM2:40 PM53/707ALTMAN
4133-1121111816 English Composition II3LECTR4:40 PM6:20 PM53/707LINKOUS
4133-1121211818 English Composition II3LECTR8:20 PM10:00 PM53/707STALLWORTH
4133-1121311819 English Composition II3LECF4:00 PM7:00 PM53/523LINKOUS
4133-1121411820 English Composition II3LECS9:30 AM12:30 PM53/706RAY, A.
4133-1121511821 English Composition II3LEC ONLINE N/ATURPIN
4133-1121611822 English Composition II3LEC ONLINE N/ATURPIN
4133-1121712201 English Composition II3LEC ONLINE N/ACLOSED
4133-1121812203 English Composition II3LEC ONLINE N/APERRY
4133-1121912239 English Composition II3LECMW9:30 AM11:00 AM53/414ODUMOSU
4119-1150111261 Public Speaking3LECMW7:50 AM9:20 AM53/708PARKER, T
4119-1150211262 Public Speaking3LECMW11:10 AM12:40 PM53/708HASTINGS, D.
4119-1150311263 Public Speaking3LECMW7:20 PM8:50 PM53/708REEVES, W.L.
4119-1150411264 Public Speaking3LECTR9:20 AM11:00 AM53/708PARKER, T
4119-1150511265 Public Speaking3LECTR1:00 PM2:40 PM53/708STAPLES
4119-1150611830 Public Speaking3LECTR6:30 PM8:10 PM53/708COLEMAN, B
4119-1150711831 Public Speaking3LECF9:30 AM12:30 PM    53/708SELLERS D
4119-1150811832 Public Speaking3LECS9:30 AM12:30 PM    53/708BARBIER
4119-1150911832 Public Speaking3LECMW12:50 PM2:20 PM    54/326CREWS
4119-1151011832 Public Speaking3LECU9:30 AM12:30 PM CLOSED
4119-1151111832 Public Speaking3LECMW9:30 AM11:00 PM    53/610STAPLES
4119-1151211832 Public Speaking3LECMW11:10 AM12:40 PM    53/610STAPLES
English as a Second Language       
4136-00770Intermediate English I3LECTR9:20 AM11:00 AM53/522GEBREMARIAM
4136-00870Intermediate English II3LECTR11:10 AM12:50 PM53/522GEBREMARIAM
4136-01270Advanced English I9LECTR8:00 AM12:40 PM53/604MOHAMED-EDMUNDS 
4136-01271Advanced English I9LECTR9:20 AM2:00 PM53/610CANCELLED 
4136-01370Advanced English II6LECTR9:20 AM12:30 PM53/711FREW
4136-01371Advanced English II6LECTR7:00 PM9:50 PM53/223BTHOMAS H
4143-1010111322 Beginning French I3LECMW5:40 PM7:10 PM53/708HARRIS
4143-1010211828 Beginning French I3LECTR9:20 AM11:00 AM     53/709 BOATENG
4143-1020111323 Beginning French II3LECTR11:10 AM12:50 PM53/709BOATENG
4157-1010111324 Beginning Spanish I3LECMW12:50 PM2:20 PM53/604GROSS
4157-1010211829 Beginning Spanish I3LECTR6:30 PM8:10 PM     53/709CARBAJAL
4157-1020111325 Beginning Spanish II3LECMW2:30 PM3:50 PM53/709GROSS
4535-0050111475 Basic Mathematics3LECMW7:50 AM9:20 AM53/414COOK R
4535-0050211476 Basic Mathematics3LECMW9:30 AM11:00 AM53/604JANCA
4535-0050311477 Basic Mathematics3LECMW11:10 AM12:40 PM53/604BROWN B
4535-0050411478 Basic Mathematics3LECMW2:30 PM3:50 PM53/414BROWN B
4535-0050511479 Basic Mathematics3LECMW4:00 PM5:30 PM53/414HAMLIN C
4535-0050611480 Basic Mathematics3LECMW7:20 PM8:50 PM53/414BESHARATIAN
4535-0050711481 Basic Mathematics3LECMW9:00 PM10:30 PM53/414AZAD
4535-0050811482 Basic Mathematics3LECTR7:30 AM9:10 AM53/414BESHARATIAN
4535-0050911483 Basic Mathematics3LECTR11:10 AM12:50 PM53/414HILLIARD L
4535-0051011484 Basic Mathematics3LECTR1:00 PM2:40 PM53/414HILLIARD L
4535-0051111485 Basic Mathematics3LECTR6:30 PM8:10 PM53/604HAMLIN C
4535-0051211486 Basic Mathematics3LECTR8:20 PM10:00 PM53/610TEVI
4535-0051311487 Basic Mathematics3LECFS9:30 AM11:00 AM53/711TEFERA
4535-0051411488 Basic Mathematics3LECTR2:50 PM4:30 PM53/414HAMLIN C
4535-0051511489 Basic Mathematics3LECTR4:40 PM6:20 PM53/414GHANNOUCHI S
4535-0051612177 Basic Mathematics3LECMW11:10 PM12:40 PM53/607JANCA
4535-0051912178 Basic Mathematics3LECMW7:50 AM9:20 AM54/120DOUGLAS R
4535-0052012184 Basic Mathematics3LECMW9:30 AM11:00 AM54/120DOUGLAS R
4535-0052112187 Basic Mathematics3LECFS7:50 AM9:20 AM54/120ROBAIN
4535-0052212191 Basic Mathematics3LECFS9:30 AM11:00 AM54/120ROBAIN
4535-0052312193 Basic Mathematics3LECS9:30 AM12:00 PM54/120BROWN M
4535-0052412194 Basic Mathematics3LECTR11:10 AM12:50 PM53/606GRIFFIN S
4535-0052512195 Basic Mathematics3LECMW7:20 PM8:50 PM54/326BROWN M
4535-0052612234 Basic Mathematics3LECTR11:10 AM12:40 PM53/607GHANNOUCHI S
4535-0052712257 Basic Mathematics3LEC ONLINE N/ABESHARATIAN
4535-0055012234 Basic Mathematics (ECLI)3LECTR6:00 PM10:00 PM54/121COBHAM S
4535-0150111491 Intro Algebra3LECMW9:30 AM11:00 AM53/606COOK R
4535-0150211492 Intro Algebra3LECMW11:10 AM12:40 PM53/606HILLIARD L
4535-0150311493 Intro Algebra3LECMW12:50 PM2:20 PM53/410BEY, D
4535-0150411494 Intro Algebra3LECMW5:40 PM7:10 PM53/410KENNON
4535-0150511495 Intro Algebra3LECMW7:20 PM8:50 PM53/410VIEHE K
4535-0150611496 Intro Algebra3LECMW9:00 PM10:30 PM53/410VIEHE K
4535-0150711497 Intro Algebra3LECTR7:30 AM9:10 AM53/410GHANNOUCHI S
4535-015811498 Intro Algebra3LECTR11:10 AM12:50 PM53/410 BROWN B
4535-0150911499 Intro Algebra3LECTR1:00 PM2:40 PM53/410COOK R
4535-0151011500 Intro Algebra3LECTR6:30 PM8:10 PM53/410NAYAR
4535-0151111501 Intro Algebra3LECTR8:20 PM10:00 PM53/410TRIGG R
4535-0151211502 Intro Algebra3LECFS9:30 AM11:00 AM53/607STAFF
4535-0151311503 Intro Algebra3LECTR4:40 PM6:20 PM53/709VIEHE K
4535-0151412186 Intro Algebra3LECMW11:10 AM12:40 PM54/120GRIFFIN S
4535-0151512188 Intro Algebra3LECFS11:10 AM12:40 PM54/120CANCELLED
4535-0151612189 Intro Algebra3LECFS2:30 AM3:50 PM54/120TEVI
4535-0151712190 Intro Algebra3LECS12:30 PM3:30 PM54/120BROWN M
4535-0151912192 Intro Algebra3LECFS7:50 PM9:20 PM54/326CLOSED
4535-0152012197 Intro Algebra3LECMW9:30 AM11:00 AM54/326CLOSED
4535-0152112200 Intro Algebra3LECMW5:40 PM7:10 PM54/326CLOSED
4535-0152212202 Intro Algebra3LECTR9:20 AM11:00 AM54/326CLOSED
4535-0152312204 Intro Algebra3LEC    CLOSED
4535-0152412258 Intro Algebra3LEC ONLINE N/ABESHARATIAN
4535-0155012289 Intro Algebra (ECLI)3LECT6:00 PM10:00 PM54/121COBHAM S
4535-1010111504 Gen College Math I3LECMW11:10 AM12:40 PM53/523COOK R
4535-1010211505 Gen College Math I3LECTR9:20 AM11:00 AM53/607BROWN B
4535-1010311506 Gen College Math I3LECTR8:20 PM10:00 PM53/416BROWN B
4535-1010411507 Gen College Math I3LECTR4:40 PM6:20 PM53/416GRIFFIN J
4535-1010511508 Gen College Math I3LECFS11:10 AM12:40 PM53/607TEFERA
4535-1010611509 Gen College Math I3LECMW9:00 PM10:30 PM53/415BESHARATIAN
4535-1010712183 Gen College Math I3LECMW2:30 PM3:50 PM54/120WISE
4535-1010812185 Gen College Math I3LECFS4:00 PM5:30 PM54/120AZAD
4535-1020111511 Gen College Math II3LECMW11:10 AM12:40 PM53/406BEY, D
4535-1020211512 Gen College Math II3LECTR1:00 PM2:40 PM53/406GRIFFIN S
4535-1020311513 Gen College Math II3LECTR8:20 PM10:00 PM53/414SHABAKA S
4535-1020312264 Gen College Math II3LECFS7:50 AM9:20 AM54/309STAFF
4535-1050111514 Intermediate Algebra3LECMW9:30 AM11:00 AM53/416HILLIARD L
4535-1050211729 Intermediate Algebra3LECTR6:30 PM8:10 PM53/707BEY, D
4535-1110111515 Technical Mathematics I3LECTR6:30 PM8:10 PM53/608VIEHE K
4535-1170111516 Business Mathematics I3LECTR8:20 PM10:00 PM53/223CGHANNOUCHI S
Graphic Design        
4101-1050111241 Foundations I3LLBMW11:10 AM2:10 PM42/B-12KIDD D
4101-1050211242 Foundations I3LLBTR2:50 PM5:30 PM42/B-12     GONGORA A
4101-105311243 Foundations I3LLBMW5:30 PM8:20 PM42/B-12    KINNEBERG L
4101-113111244 Graphic Design I1LABMW11:10 AM2:10 PM42/B-08        TALLEY M
4101-1240111245 Computer Art I3LABTR11:10 AM2:10 PM42/B07NIYANGODA R
4101-126111246  Typography3LABMW2:50 PM5:30 PM42/B07       TALLEY M
4101-201111247 Graphic Art & Illustration3LABF9:00 AM2:50 PM42/B07      TALLEY M
4101-2070111734 Web Design3LABTR5:30 PM8:20 PMTBASTAFF
4101-2120111248 Graphic Design II3LABMW2:50 PM5:30 PM42/B-16NIYANGODA R
Graphic Communication Tech       
4104-1070111249 Desktop Publishing2LECT9:30 AM11:40 AM42/B-16HOWELL F
4104-1070211250 Desktop Publishing 2LECM5:30 PM7:30 PM42/B-08MADKINS S
4104-1080111251 Desktop Publishing1LABR9:30 AM12:20 PM42/B-16HOWELL F
4104-1080211252 Desktop Publishing1LABW5:30 PM8:20 PM42/B-08HOWELL F
4104-1090111253 Digital Applications1LLBMW11:10 AM2:10 PM42/B-16MADKINS
4104-1090211254 Digital Applications3LLBMW5:30 PM8:20 PM42/B-16INTERDONATO
4104-1090311255 Digital Applications3LLBS9:00 AM2:50 PM42/B07HUMPHREY W
4104-1130111256 Digital Imaging I2LECM2:30 PM4:30 PM42/B-08MADKINS S
4104-1130211257 Digital Imaging I2LECM5:40 PM7:40 PM42/B07STAFF
Studio Art        
4105-1010111258 Introduction to Drawing3LABTR11:00 AM1:50 PM42/A-15GONGORA A
4105-1010211259 Introduction to Drawing3LABMW2:00 PM4:50 PM42/A-15KIDD, D
4105-1010311260 Introduction to Drawing3LABMW5:30 PM8:20 PM42/B15KIDD, D
4105-1150111735 Visual Thinking3LECTR2:00 PM3:20 PM42/A-12VENNE D
4105-115211737 Visual Thinking3LECMW11:00 AM12:20 PM42/A-12        VENNE D
4105-1450111738 Photography3LABMW2:00 PM4:50 PM41/201HIMAWAN B
4105-1450211740 Photography3LABTR9:30 AM12:20 PM41/201HIMAWAN B
4105-1450311741 Photography3LABS9:00 AM2:50 PM41/201PETRONE T
4105-1450411742 Photography3LABMW5:30 PM8:20 PM41/201STAFF
4105-1450511744 Photography3LABTR5:30 PM8:20 PM41/201PETRONE T
4105-1840111745 Fund of Art Apprec3LECMW2:00 PM3:20 PM42/A-14BLEE J
4165-0050111329 Fund of Mus Theory2LLBTR5:30 PM6:50 PM46/A07BROWN J
4165-005211644 Fund of Mus. Theory2LLBTR2:00 PM3:20 PM46/A07     VAN BUREN H
4165-0100111330 Keyboard Group Instruc1LLBW5:30 PM6:20 PM46/A04ABUTLER J
4165-0200111331 Voice Group Instruction1LLBM4:00 PM4:50 PM46/A04BUTLER J
4165-0250111332 UDC Choral1LLBMW5:30 PM6:50 PM46/C09JONES W
  Above section requires written permission     
4165-0260111333 The Voices1LLBR12:30 PM1:50 PM46/C09GILLESPIE G
  Above section requires written permission     
4165-086111680 Jazz  Laboratory Band LLBMW2:00 PM 3:50 PM45/A07        JOHNSON A
4165-100111639 Mat. of Music I LLBMW9:30 AM10:50 AM46/A04         KOREY J
4165-102111640 Ear Tr. & Sight Sng   I LLBMW11:00 AM11:50 AM46/A04         KOREY J
4165-105111747  Music Appreciation LLBTR9:30 AM10:50 AM46/A04        BARTON L
4165-105211748 Music Appreciation LLBTR5:30 PM6:50 PM46/A04        COOPER M
4165-106111724 History of African Amer. MusicLLBTR2:00 PM3:20 PM46/A04ROACH H
4165-115111638 AP Maj Keyboard LECTBATBATBA46/A05ROACH H
4165-116111642 AP Min Keyboard LECTBATBATBA46/A05COOPER M
4165-125111334 AP Maj Voice LECTBATBATBA46/A05ORMOND N
  Above section requires written permission     
4165-126111643 AP Min Voice LECTBATBATBA46/A05BUTLER J
4165-135111637 App. Maj. Instrument LECTBATBATBA46/A06BARTON L
4165-136111641 App Min. Instrument LECTBATBATBA46/A06BARTON L
4121-104111753 Intro to Theatre Arts LECTR12:30 PM1:50 PM46/C06WHITE C
4121-104211754 Intro to Theatre Arts LECMW5:30 PM6:50 PM46/C06BALDINGER J
4121-104311755 Intro to Theatre Arts LECMW9:30 AM10:50 AM45/C06WHITE C
4121-111111756 Stage Craft LECTR4:00 PM5:20 PM46/C06NORA P
4121-261111757 Acting Improvisation LECTR9:30 AM10:50 AM46/C06SMITH L
4121-264111758 Creative Dramatics LECTR11:00 AM12:20 PM46/C06WHITE C
4121-265111759 Performance Wkshp ActingLECTBATBATBATBAWHITE C
Mortuary Science       
4423-1040111401 Funeral Service OrientationLECTR9:30 AM10:50 AM44/215COLES L
4423-1040211402 Funeral Service OrientationLECTR8:30 PM9:50 PM44/213MCGUIRE L
4423-1070111403 Hist & Soc Funeral Srv LECTR11:00 AM12:20 PM44/215COLES L
4423-1070211404 Hist & Soc Funeral Srv LECTR7:00 PM8:20 PM44/213MCGUIRE L
4423-2050111405 Funeral Srv/Mtg & Prin. LECW4:00 PM5:50 PM44/215MCGUIRE L
4423-2050211406 Funeral Srv/Mtg & Prin LECR12:30 PM2:20 PM44/215DEAN R
4423-2050111407 Funeral Srv/Mtg & Prin PRACTBATBATBATBAMCGUIRE L
4423-2130111409 RestorativeArt II LECM11:00 AM12:50 PM44/215COLES L
4423-2140111412 Restorative Art II Lab LABW11:00 AM2:50 PM44/215COLES L
4423-2140211413 Restorative Art II Lab LABW7:00 PM9:50 PM44/215MCGUIRE L
4423-2200111414 Embalm & Dispo. Prin. I LECM4:00 PM5:50 PM44/215DEAN R
4423-2230111415 Embalm & Dispo. Prin I LABF4:00 PM9:50 PM44/215DEAN R
Nursing (A.A.S)        
4425-1000111416 Concepts Basic Nursing I2LECT12:30 PM2:40 PM53/808CATO
4425-1050111417 Nursing Pharmacology3LECR9:30 AM12:40 PM53/810CATO
4425-11601Med-Surgical Adult I Theory/Pra5LECM11:00AM2:00 PMMTPCATO
4425-11601Med-Surgical Adult I Theory/Pra5PRAT4:00PM10:00 PM53/806CROSSMAN G
4425-11602Med-Surgical Adult I Theory/Pra5PRAR8:00 AM2:00 PM53/806CHARLES C
4425-11603Med-Surgical Adult I Theory/Pra5PRAT8:00 AM2:00 PM53/806CHARLES C
4425-11604Med-Surgical Adult I Theory/Pra5PRAR4:00 PM10:00 PM53/806CROSSMAN G
4425-11605Med-Surgical Adult I Theory/Pra5PRAF12:00 AM10:00 PM53/806AYIKA
4425-11501Foundation Theory/Practicum5LECT9:20 AM12:40 PM53/808CORP
4425-11501Foundation Theory/Practicum5PRAM8:00 AM2:00 PM53/806ROGERS
4425-11502Foundation Theory/Practicum5PRAT9:20 AM12:40 PMTBACORP
4425-11503Foundation Theory/Practicum5PRAF4:00PM10:00PM53/808ALFORD
4425-12501Maternal-Newborn Theory/Prac5LECW11:00 AM02:00PM53/810AKPUAKA S
4425-12501Maternal-Newborn Theory/Prac5PRAT4:00 PM10:00PM53/810RICHARDSON K
4425-12502Maternal-Newborn Theory/Prac5PRAR4:00 PM10:00PM53/810AKPUAKA S
4425-12503Maternal-Newborn Theory/Prac5PRAS8:00 AM02:00PM53/806AKPUAKA S
4425-21901Pediatrics-Child Theory/Prac5LECT8:00 AM11:10AM53/810VALCOURT
4425-21901Pediatrics-Child Theory/Prac5PRAF8:00 AM02:00PM53/808BROWN
4425-21902Pediatrics-Child Theory/Prac5PRAR8:00 AM02:00PM53/808HENLEY
4425-21903Pediatrics-Child Theory/Prac5PRAM8:00 AM02:00PM53/810VALCOURT
4425-2350111438 Nsg Care of Adult II8LECF11:00AM02:40PM53/810VALCOURT
4425-2350111438 Nsg Care of Adult II8PRATR4:00 PM11:00PM53/806WHITE D
4425-2350211438 Nsg Care of Adult II8PRATR4:00 PM11:00PM53/807NOLAN
4425-2300111441 Mental Health Nsg 5LECW12:30PM02:30PM53/810BROWN-EVERETT
4425-2300111441 Mental Health Nsg 5PRAW8:00 AM02:00PM53/808SIAM
4425-2300111441 Mental Health Nsg 5PRAF8:00 AM02:00PM53/806SIAM
4425-2400111445 Nursing Process1LABM11:00 AM02:00PM52/225AMARA S
4425-2900111446 Nursing Seminar-AAS2LECM11:00 AM2:00 PM53/225AMARA S
Radiologic Technology       
4429-1200111447 Radiographic Image Prod.3LECMW12:30 PM1:50 PM44/111KOENIG A
4429-1210111448 Radiography Patient Care3LECMW9:30 AM10:50 AM44/111AGBEBAKU S
4429-1220111449 Radiographic Procedures3LECMW2:00 PM3:50 PM44/111AGEBAKU S
4429-1230111450 Rad Clinical Educ I3 TR  44/HOSPAGEBAKU S
4429-2400111451 Radiographic Pathology3LECTR12:30 PM1:50 PM44/111KPADEH M
4429-2450111452 Rad. Clinical Ed III2PRAMWF8:00 AM4:00 PM44/HOSPKPADEH M
4429-2700111453 Radiation Bio & Protect.3LECTR11:00 AM12:20 PM44/113KOENIG A
Respiratory Therapy (AAS)       
4431-1700111454 Intro to Health Sciences2LECT2:00PM4:10PM53/807CANCELLED
4431-1700211455 Intro to Health Sciences2LECW2:00 PM4:10 PM53/807TAYLOR L
4431-1700311456 Intro to Health Sciences2LECF9:30 AM11:10 AM53/807TAYLOR L
4431-1710111457 Prin & Prac Resp Ther. I LECM11:00AM1:00PM53/807TAYLOR L
     R7:00 AM12:00 PMHOSP 
4431-1710211458 Prin & Prac Resp Ther. I LECM11:00AM1:00PM53/808BORNS
     R7:00 AM12:00 PMHOSP 
4431-1730111460 Vent & Gas Exchange Phy3LECW11:00 AM1:00 PM53/807STEINERT D
4431-2700111461 Crit. Care & Vent Mgmt LLBT4:00 PM6:40PM53/804BORNS
     MW7:00 AM2:00 PMHOSP 
4431-2700211462 Crit. Care & Vent Mgmt LLBT4:00 PM6:40PM53/804BORNS
     MW4:00 PM11:00 PMHOSP 
4431-2730111463 Cardio Pulm Diagnostics LECTR3:00 PM4:00PM53/807STEINERT D
     T11:00 AM2:10PM53/807 
4431-2730211464 Cardio Pulm Diagnostics  TR3:00 PM4:00PM53/807STEINERT D
     T6:50 PM10:00PM53/807 
4431-2760111465 Resp. Disease Mgmt LECF4:00 PM6:40PM53/808SHIBLI M
4431-2800111466 Resp. Care Seminar I3LECR4:00 PM6:40PM53/225BORNS
4171-1370111846 Psychology of Adjustment3LECS12:50 PM3:50 PM53/415AWODOLA
4171-2010111847 Principles of Psy I3LECMW12:50 PM2:20 PM53/416AWODOLA
4171-2010211848 Principles of Psy I3LECMW5:40 PM7:10 PM53/604AWODOLA
4171-2010311849 Principles of Psy I3LECTR11:10 AM12:50 PM53/523SIMMONS K
4171-2010411850 Principles of Psy I3LECTR8:20 PM10:00 PM53/604CHASTINE
4171-2010511851 Principles of Psy I3LECF9:30 AM12:30 PM53/406CHASTINE
4171-2010611852 Principles of Psy I3LECFS9:30 AM11:00 AM53/410CAMPFIELD T
4171-2010711852 Principles of Psy I3LEC ONLINE N/ABIPARVA
4171-2010811852 Principles of Psy I3LECFS2:30 PM3:50 PM54/309HAYWOOD
4125-1000111266 Criminal Justice Sys I3LECTR4:40 PM6:20 PM53/524WATTS D
4125-1020111841 Criminology I3LECFS9:30 AM11:00 AM53/414ALEXANDER
4125-1020211873 Criminology I3LECFS11:10 AM12:40 PM53/410ALEXANDER
4125-1500111268 Justice Issues in Society3LECTR6:30 PM8:10 PM53/607WATTS D
4125-2030111840 Forensic/Investigations3LECF9:30 AM12:30 PM53/415WATTS D
4161-1040111845 Wrld Phy Geo3LECS12:50 PM3:50 PM53/416SCOTT, D
4161-1050111326 World Cult Geog3LECMW12:50 PM2:20 PM53/523MEYBATYAN, S
4161-1050211327 World Cult Geog3LECTR4:40 PM6:20 PM53/604MEYBATYAN, S
4161-1050311842 World Cult Geog3LECS9:30 AM12:30 PM53/704SCOTT, D
4163-1010111328 U.S. History to 18653LECMW9:30 AM11:00 AM53/708UFLAND P
4163-1010211843 U.S. History to 18653LECTR8:20 PM10:00 PM53/523UFLAND P
4163-101311844 U.S. History to 18653LECS12:50 PM3:50 PM53/608RUMSEY
4163-164111864 Intro to Black Am. Hist.3LECMW7:20 PM8:50 PM53/524RUMSEY
4167-1050111853 Introduction to Logic3LECMW2:30 PM3:50 PM53/416SIMPSON
4167-1050211335 Introduction to Logic3LECMW5:40 PM7:10 PM53/416SIMPSON
4167-1050311854 Introduction to Logic3LECTR1:00 PM2:40 PM53/416BOURNE
4167-1050411336 Introduction to Logic3LECTR8:20 PM10:00 PM53/524SIMPSON
4167-1080111337 Intro to Soc Ethics3LECTR7:30 AM9:10 AM53/416SELLERS
4167-1080211855 Intro to Soc Ethics3LECTR4:40 PM6:20 PM53/606CAMPBELL-EVANS
4167-1100111338 Critical Reasoning3LECMW9:30 AM11:00 AM53/523CAMPBELL-EVANS
4167-110211339 Critical Reasoning3LECTR6:30 PM8:10 PM53/416SIMPSON
Political Science        
4169-2050111340 Intro to Political Sci3LECMW11:10 AM12:50 PM53/416GEBREMARIAM
4169-2050211857 Intro to Political Sci3LECTR9:20 AM11:00 AM53/406RUMSEY W
4169-2050311858 Intro to Political Sci3LECTR6:30 PM8:10 PM53/606SMITH A
4169-205411859 Intro to Political Sci3LECF12:50 PM3:50 PM53/406ARTHUR 
4169-206111860 Intro to American Govt3LECFS9:30 AM11:00 AM53/416STAPLES
Social Work        
4173-1100111861 Intro Soc Welf/Soc Work3LECMW12:50 PM2:20 PM53/406HASTINGS, D.
4173-1100211341 Intro Soc Welf/Soc Work3LECTR11:10 AM12:50 PM53/406BOURNE
4173-1100311862 Intro Soc Welf/Soc Work3LECTR8:20 PM10:00 PM53/606PERALTA
4175-1130111342 Intro to Anthropology3LECTR4:40 PM6:20 PM53/406DANIELS A
4177-11101116343 Intro to Sociology3LECTR11:10 AM12:50 PM53/524HARRIS
4177-1110211344 Intro to Sociology 3LECTR1:00 PM2:40 PM53/524CAMPBELL-EVANS
4177-1110311865 Intro to Sociology3LECTR4:40 PM6:20 PM53/607THOMSON P
4177-1110411865 Intro to Sociology3LEC ONLINE N/ABIPARVA
4177-1110511865 Intro to Sociology3LECMW7:50 AM9:20 AM54/309HAYWOOD
Urban Studies        
4179-1040111866 Urban Experience3LECMW7:20 PM8:50 PM53/406THOMSON P
4179-1050111867 Intro to Soc Sci3LECF9:30 AM12:30 PM53/709MORTON
4179-1060111345 The District of Columbia3LECMW11:10 AM12:40 PM53/524WASHINGTON A
4179-1060211868 The District of Columbia3LECTR8:20 PM10:00 PM53/607REEVES, W.L.
4179-2050111863 Urban Poverty3LECFS11:10 AM12:40 PM53/416THOMSON P
5201-2010111869 Prin of Accounting I3LECF5:40 PM7:10 PM53/406KELLY K
     S9:30 AM11:00 AM53/523 
5201-201211520 Prin of Accounting I3LECTR11:10 AM12:50 PM53/608OTIM
Business Economics and Finance       
5131-2010111879 Prin of Macroeconomics3LECTR9:20 AM11:00 AM53/414SIMMONS R
5131-2010211519 Prin of Macroeconomics3LECTR9:20 AM11:00 AM53/416OTIM
5131-2010311519 Prin of Macroeconomics3LEC ONLINE N/AAZAD
Office Administration       
5207-1040111871 Introduction to Business3LECF9:30 AM12:30 PM53/524OTIM
5207-1040212027 Introduction to Business3LECS9:30 AM12:30 PM53/604LUIS R
5207-1040411521 Introduction to Business3LECF9:30 AM12:30 PM53/606HARRIS
5207-1040511521 Introduction to Business3LEC ONLINE N/AAZAD
5207-2080111874 Bus. Communications3LECFS12:50 PM2:20 PM53/410OTIM
Management Technology       
5219-2210111875 Supervision3LECFS11:10 AM12:40 PM53/414HAYWOOD
5219-2460111533 Saleship Princ & Prac3LECF5:40 PM8:40 PM53/410FOSTER A
Hospitality Management and Tourism       
5214-1040111522 Intro to Hospitality Ind.3LECTR4:40 PM6:20 PM53/711IROEGBU H
5214-2040111523 Intro to Hotel Mgmt3LECF5:40 PM8:40 PM53/415IROEGBU H
5214-2080111525 Restaurant Mgmt3LECTR6:30 PM8:10 PM53/711IROEGBU H
5214-2140111526 Facilities & Housekee. Mg.3LECTR8:20 PM10:00 PM53/711GONZALEZ M
5214-2900111527 Internship1LECF4:00 PM5:10 PM53/410IROEGBU H
Legal Assistant        
5218-1610111528 Legal Res/Writing I3LECTR6:30 PM8:10 PM53/223CKELLY K
5218-1810111529 Intro to Paralegalism3LECTR6:30 PM8:10 PM53/807OVERBEY R
5218-2630111530 Invest. & Evidence3LECS9:30 AM12:30 PM53/606STAFF
5218-2710111531 Real Estate Law & Prac I3LECF5:40 PM8:40 PM53/414WOODS K
5218-2780111532 Law Office Administration3LECS12:50 PM3:50 PM53/414SMITH A
Information Processing Technology       
5228-1010111534 Computer Keyboarding I3LECF5:40 PM8:40 PM53/223BHAYWOOD
5228-1010211535 Computer Keyboarding I3LEC MW11:10 AM12:40 PM53/223BHAYWOOD
5228-2110111537 Word I3LECF5:40 PM8:40 PM53/223CLASTER
5228-2120111539 Word II3LECFS12:50 PM2:20 PM53/223BCANCELLED
Aviation Maintenance       
6503-1210111541 Aviation Maint. Fund.5LECMTWRF11:30 AM3:00 PMHANGARHAVER
6503-122011542 Aviation Mat. & Standards5LECMTWRF11:30 AM3:00 PMHANGARKUN A
6503-2110111543 Aircraft Elect & Elets Sys.5LECMTWRF7:30 AM11:00 AMHANGARBUDENICH
6503-2120111544 Air Tur Engine Theo Ove5LECMTWRF7:30 AM11:00 AMHANGARCRIM
Architectural Engineering Technology       
6505-1010111545 Arch Drawg & Des.3LLBMWF6:30 PM8:20 PM54/326ANDERSON
6505-1010211546 Arch Drawg & Des3LLBMWF3:30 PM5:20 PM54/CANCELLED
6505-1140111547 Mats & Meth of Construct3LECS9:00 AM12:00 PM54/326BOWLES
6505-1220111548 Intro to Hist of Archit.3LECMWF5:30 PM6:20 PM54/CANCELLED
6505-2010111549 Archit Drwg & Des3LLBMWF6:30 PM8:20 PM54/321WORSLEY
6505-2050111550 IntroComp-Aided Arc Dsg3LECMWF8:30 PM10:00 PM54/326STAFF
6505-2320111551 Structural Design3LECS9:00 AM12:00 PM54/321GUI
6505-2440111552 Mechan & Elec Sys3LECS1:00 PM4:00 PM54/326BOWLES
Computer Science Technology       
6523-2350111555 Intro Web Page Dev & HTML2LECMW2:30 PM3:40 PM53/223BSHIE
6523-2360111556 Intro Web Page Dev & HTML1LABMW3:40 PM4:40 PM53/223BSHIE
6528-1040111557 Intro to Applic. Of Comp.2LECTR11:10 AM12:20 PM53/223BLASTER
6528-1050111558 Intro Applic of Comp.1LABTR12:30 PM1:30 PM53/223BLASTER
6528-1100111559 Intro to Programming2LECTR11:10 AM12:20 PM53/223CSHIE
6528-1110111560 Intro to Prog. Lab3LABTR12:30 PM1:30 PM53/223CSHIE
6528-2310111561 Computer Science I3LECTR11:10 AM12:50 PM53/223AMANNING
6528-2330111563 Computer Science I Lab1LABTR1:00 PM2:00 PM53/223AMANNING
7700-1010111565 Freshman Orientation1LECM7:50 AM8:50 AM53/406CAMPFIELD
77010-1010215665 Freshman Orientation1LECM9:30 AM10:30 AM53/524MARIAMA-ARTHUR
7700-1010311567 Freshman Orientation1LECM11:10 AM12:10 PM53/414MARIAMA-ARTHUR
7700-1010411568 Freshman Orientation1LECW12:50 PM1:50 PM53/709SIMMONS R
7700-1010511569 Freshman Orientation1LECW6:10 PM7:10 PM53/608KING-BERRY
7700-1010611570 Freshman Orientation1LECW7:20 PM8:20 PM53/608KING-BERRY
7700-1010711571 Freshman Orientation1LECT8:00 AM9:00 AM53/406BOURNE
7700-1010811572 Freshman Orientation1LECT9:20 AM10:20 AM53/523BOURNE
7700-1010911573 Freshman Orientation 1LECT1:00 PM2:00 PM53/706BOURNE
7700-1011011574 Freshman Orientation1LECR5:20 PM6:20 PM53/708BUTLER-JOHNSON
7700-1011111575 Freshman Orientation1LECR7:10 PM8:10 PM53/406WILLIAMS M
7700-1011211576 Freshman Orientation1LECF9:30 AM10:30 AM53/707SIMMONS R
7700-1011311577 Freshman Orientation1LECS12:50 PM1:50 PM53/704BOWYER
7700-1011412133 Freshman Orientation1LECM11:10 AM12:10 PM54/128SHIELDS
7700-1011512134 Freshman Orientation1LECT6:30 PM7:30 PM54/128FRENCH
7700-1011712130 Freshman Orientation1LECW6:00 PM7:00 PM53/118NEBIYELOUL
7700-1012012133Freshman Orientation1LECT1:00 PM2:00 PM53/610BRYANT
7700-1012112134 Freshman Orientation 1LECT2:50 PM3:50 PM53/607STAPLES
7700-1012212135 Freshman Orientation1LecT9:20 AM10:20 AM53/118SHIELDS
7700-1012312137 Freshman Orientation1LecR6:30 PM7:30 PM53/118NEBIYELOUL
7700-1012412138 Freshman Orientation1LecR8:20 PM9:20 PM53/118LAWES
7700-1012512139 Freshman Orientation1LECT9:30 PM10:30 PM53/608FRENCH
7700-1012612140 Freshman Orientation1LECF7:50 AM8:50 AM53/414BOWYER
7700-1012712141 Freshman Orientation1LECF9:30 AM10:30 AM53/604SHIELDS
7700-1012812136 Freshman Orientation1LECF11:10 AM12:20 PM53/604BRYANT
7700-1013012143 Freshman Orientation1LECM12:50 AM1:50 PM53/118THIERO
7700-1013112144 Freshman Orientation1LECW11:20 AM12:20 PM53/118SANE A
New Program Course Schedule       
Fashion Merchandising       
7111-10101Fashion Merchandising Fund3LECMW9:30 AM11:00 AM54/309GREENE S
7111-10102Fashion Merchandising Fund3LECTR4:40 PM6:20 PM54/309GREENE S
7111-10301Principles of Clothing Constr I3LECMW11:10 AM1:20 PM54/309GREENE S
7111-10302Principles of Clothing Constr I3LECTR6:30 PM8:40 PM54/309GREENE S
Construction Management       
6515-10101Construction Management I3LECTR4:40 PM6:20 PM54/326CANCELLED
6515-12101Construction Field Operations3LECF4:00 PM8:10 PM54/326CANCELLED
Automotive Technology       
6100-10101Intro to Automotive Technology4 MWF5:30 PM9:00 PMExcel 
6100-10201Automotive Brakes3 TR5:30 PM9:00 PMExcel 


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