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Frequently Asked Questions – UDC Community College Non-DC Resident Tuition Changes

The new UDC-CC tuition changes affect students attending the UDC Community College who are not DC Residents. The most frequently asked questions about the changes are answered below.

Why was a tuition change necessary?

The UDC Board of Trustees voted on a new tuition rate for the Community College on September 21, 2011. This was in response to a legislative requirement from the DC City Council, which stated that the Community College’s tuition rate for non-DC residents must be set at a comparable rate to out-of-state rates at local community colleges.

What are the new 2012 Tuition Rates?

The following schedule shows the new 2012 tuition rates for UDC-CC.

Student Residency
Cost per Credit Hour
for 2011
Cost per Credit Hour
for 2012
DC Residents $ 100 $ 100
Metropolitan Area Residents $ 100 $ 168
All Others $ 100 $ 283

As previously, these rates only apply up to 12 credits; students taking over 12 credits in a semester will pay for only 12 credits. In other words, students who are DC residents who are full-time (at least 12 credits) will continue to pay $1,200 per semester. Students who live within the metropolitan DC area who are full-time under the new structure will pay $2,016. And all other full-time students will pay $3,396.

When do the new rates go into effect?

Type of Student Description New Tuition Rates Begin
Current / Continuing Students Students attending the Community College in Fall 2011 or before Fall 2012
New Students Students starting Spring 2012 or later January 2012

Who is affected by the new tuition rates?

The new tuition rates apply to all non-DC residents. DC residents will continue to pay the same rate.

Metropolitan area and non metropolitan area residents will pay the new tuition rates, which are differentiated by metropolitan-area status.

How were the new tuition rates developed?

The new rates were set by a comparative study to out-of-county and out-of-state rates with other community colleges in the region. Tuition is approved by the Board of Trustees pursuant to D.C. Official Code §§ 38-1202.01, and 1 DCMR §§125-128.


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