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How Do I Develop A Cover Letter?
Writing a cover letter is an important step in the process of you applying for a job or internship as well as applying for admissions to other colleges/universities and scholarships.

A cover letter enthusiastically states your interest in a specific position, introduces yourself, states your qualifications for the position, and availability for an interview.

There are generally three parts to a cover letter to include:

  • Part 1 - The Introductory Paragraph: Tells why you are writing with an indication of the specific position or opportunity, and tells who are you with brief mention of your relevant qualifications.
  • Part 2 - Body Paragraph(s): Tells why you should be hired to include your relevant qualifications, and tells why you would be an asset.
  • Part 3 - Closing Paragraph: Wraps up the letter with a brief summarization of your relevant qualifications, and discusses the next steps such as suggesting your availability for an interview.

You may begin to develop a cover letter by completing these steps:

  • Fill out the Cover Letter Worksheet Guide.
  • Fill out the Cover Letter Development Guide.
  • Open up a word processing program such as Microsoft Word.
  • Format a new document or use a cover letter template.
  • Type in your career information.
  • Tailor the cover letter to a specific opportunity.
  • Make it professional and show your personality.
  • As needed, request that someone in your network critique your cover letter.
  • As needed, request that a career counselor critique your cover letter; critiques are by appointment only.

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