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CE Course Guide

Traditional Classes (Classroom-based)

UDC-CC offers a selection of traditional classroom-based continuing education classes.

CourseLocationStart DateEnd DatePrice
ZumbaPR HarrisTBDTBD$70.00
Design & Create Your Own JewelryPR Harris3 Class Sessions 1/9, 1/16 & 1/23 $50.00
Bartending (Mixology)Shadd1/2/201412/31/2014$595.00
Yoga For Teachers801 North Capitol3/1/20143/1/2014$180.00
Dale Carnegie Excecutive Development801 North CapitolTBDTBD 
Information Technology CertificationTBAPlease see course listing  
Home Inspection801 North CapitolTBDTBD 
Basic Photography801 North Capitol2/19/201412/10/2014$150.00
Intermediate Photography801 North Capitol2/19/201412/10/2014$150.00
Certified Personal Trainer801 North Capitol2/18/143/27/14$624.00 + textbook ($93.97)
Trading Your Way to Financial Freedom801 North Capitol7/16/147/18/14$549.00
Project Management with Microsoft Project 2010Online2/19/201412/10/2014$1,995.00
Six Sigma: Total Quality FundamentalsOnline2/19/201412/10/2014$115.00
Administrative Professional with MOS 2010Online2/19/201412/10/2014$1,995.00
Professional Tax Preparer Certification (DL)Online2/19/201412/10/2014$2,199.00
Medical Terminology: A Word Association ApproachOnline2/19/201412/10/2014$115.00
Creating Web PagesOnline2/19/201412/10/2014$115.00
Creating a Classroom Web SiteOnline2/19/201412/10/2014$115.00
Creating K-12 Learning MaterialsOnline2/19/201412/10/2014$115.00
Project Management FundamentalsOnline2/19/201412/10/2014$115.00
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010Online2/19/201412/10/2014$115.00
Accounting FundamentalsOnline2/19/201412/10/2014$115.00
Writing Effective Grant ProposalsOnline2/19/201412/10/2014$115.00

*Online courses starting every six weeks. 

Continuing Education at the UDC Community College provides top quality online professional development classes and classroom based enrichment workshops at an
Affordable cost. Choose from thousands of classes that will give you the skills you need to reach your professional goals and earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs). 

Online Classes

UDC-CC offers online courses through different services tailored to meet your specific needs. Summaries of each program of study are listed below with links to the specific classes that make up each program of study.

  • Ed2Go - Short courses usually lasting from 6-9 weeks.
  • Gatlin Education - Long courses usually lasting from 6-12 months.
  • The Knowledgebase - The Knowledgebase - Short and long classes lasting from 4 weeks to 12 months with an emphasis on "green" and sustainable living courses. 
  • Legal Studies - Short courses usually lasting from 6-9 weeks.

Ed2Go Programs of Study

Ed2Go features short courses usually lasting from 6-9 weeks.

Gatlin Programs of Study

Gatlin features long courses usually lasting from 6-12 months.

ProTrain Programs of Study

Looking for affordable, self-paced, online certificate programs that can train you for the latest jobs? UDC-CC in partnership with ProTrain Online is your solution! With online training you have flexible anytime, anywhere learning. Gain the skills you need to excel in jobs for the new economy.

Legal Studies Programs of Study

Legal Studies features short courses usually lasting from 6-9 weeks.





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