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Lisa Pointer - Student Success Story

Lisa PointerI'm forever grateful for my positive, life changing experience with UDCWDLL. I remember in September hearing about the program after I was laid off from work. I couldn't believe this program was free. I scrambled to find all my documentation and yet both classes were full, the CDA and Customer Service Hospitality class. I didn't give up; I sat in both classes and to my benefit students didn't show up; I was so happy. I had previously tried to attend college in 2004 but familial and personal interferences halted that effort. I knew, if I could successfully complete this beginning pathway, I could, walk the collegiate road towards my dreams. In a 29 year old from Cleveland, Ohio, these opportunities don't exist there. To say I was scared to come back to school in any capacity was definitely real. But I saw the vision in the lobby; I COMMIT. I found my sharpie and signed my name. I knew I couldn't quit, I knew that day I would pledge to myself; I owed myself the right to finish. I successfully finished my courses and now I've transitioned over to the degree programs in the Community College. My goal is to start at the flagship school in 2016. I've also landed a job at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum based on my certifications and the skills obtained through this life changing program. My certificates earned through WDLL helped me stand out above other candidates and I'm forever grateful. When I came to the District of Columbia, I was homeless and in search of something greater. I came here because of a job; WDLL gave me the tools to start my career. I was looking for a pathway. I'm elated I was laid off because it allowed me to complete this amazing program and create lasting networks with supportive faculty and mentors who guide me. I want to encourage anyone who may be homeless, discouraged or looking to finish what they started; to give WDLL a chance. It will change your life. 

Saundria Jackson - Student Success Story

Saundria Jackson“I would like to take this time to reflect on my decision why I attended UDC/WDLL Program. When your back is up against the wall and you feel like you're running out of time and you have children that depend on you, you have to make a life changing decision that's not only best for you but for those that depend on you. So going back to school to further my education was the best decision; option for me and my family and UDC WDLL gave me that opportunity and I'm forever grateful.

UDC-CC WDLL not only provides the chance for you to attend school for free, but gives you the necessary tools and learning skills that will have you set in a career, making you marketable for employers years to come.

Sharman Wilkins - Student Success Story

Sharman Wilkins“As of 2014, I became a student in UDC-CC’s Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning Division. Prior to attending PR Harris, my life was climbing uphill. Since I’ve been a student, my life has excelled. There is always a time for rejuvenation and that’s what is happening to me. I would not trade all of my accomplishments, under any circumstances. You know the saying “Life is what you make it”. My life is developing more and more to heights where the “sky is the limit”. I believe I can soar like an eagle and excel as high as the sky. You can become what you want, once you set your mind to be the best at whatever you decide to do. It’s an ongoing journey that’s worth taking because the destination is never ending. The constant fulfillment you get from aspiring; better life and living. I believe if you look ahead, there is no reason to look back. Be proud of your accomplishments and always thank the person who made it happen. God always has been faithful; trust and believe.”

Darrel Maxwell - Student Success Story

Darrel MaxwellThe greatest part of my job is instructing students in something they have not done before. Learning about networking, software and hardware in general excites me in teaching new minds!




Karen A. Gray-Freeman - Student Success Story

Karen A. Gray-FreemanWDLL has allowed me to approach the idea of attending classes without the overwhelming thoughts and fear of taking college courses that I denied myself in my youth. I was able to put one foot in front of the other and walk towards my career. This program enabled me to see the importance of education, certifications, self-awareness, assertiveness and how to re-enter the workforce and corporate America at a job that fits me like a glove. I want to encourage those who live in the District of Columbia to take advantage of this program which will help them embark upon a new status in life, at home, at work, and in their personal lives. Again, Thank You!


Deonte Miller - Transition Services Student Success Story

Deonte Miller“My name is Deonte Miller, a former WDLL student that transitioned to the under-graduate degree program in Criminal Justice at the Van Ness campus. The reason why I decided to take up classes with WDLL in the first place was basically to take advantage of my opportunities and broaden my mind in different fields. I knew that the program would help my future financial status and maybe even allow me to start my own side business around the city; and plus it's free. Even though I'm back in the undergraduate program and working full time, I plan on going back to get certified in construction (HVAC and plumbing). It was a great experience that I will never forget. I can't wait to continue this summer to finish my certification in HVAC. So for anyone who is contemplating joining WDLL; I highly recommend you do. It is very beneficial to me meeting my long term goals. And like I said earlier, it's FREE!”


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